Heejoo Gwen Kim

animated filmmaker :: new media artist

3D animated film 2 channel projection installation

Unwearable functional garment I is a 3-D animation installation. Each object is inspired by the inventor of the modern brassiere, Mary Phelps Jacob. Jacob was determined to create a more natural and less cumbersome alternative available to women at the time. She took two silk handkerchiefs and sewed them together using some ribbon and cord. The resulting undergarment was soft and light and far more natural than the traditional corsets of that era. She liberated women as her immensely popular undergarment made life happier and more convenient and more satisfying. My unwearable pieces are designed to be more functional than what Jacob made. The pieces that I constructed are extensions of functional underwear. They are reminiscent of corsets, but they are stretched out to be seen more as dresses or other undergarments. The textures and motions used in the pieces are similar to the skin texture and breathing, respectively, yet they are unusual and playful. They are a reflection that clothing is another medium of expression, a different relationship of personal identity, and emotions.