Heejoo Gwen Kim

animated filmmaker :: new media artist

experimental animation : 3d + pencil drawing

This is not about memories from my childhood or my past. Rather, these are enigmatic images lingering within me from unknown territory.

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Deciphering the meaning of “paramnesia” in terms of psychiatry; the definition is a distortion of memory in which fact and fantasy are confused. Visually and conceptually most of my works are rooted in virtual and unwearable yet emotionally functional garments and veiled memories. In this work, I reflect and depict the poignant derivation of pregnant woman figure with her garment based on my experience and indistinguishable recollections. I experimented with virtually transformative fabrics and objects to complete sensitive functional wear and an environment for ambivalence about pre delivery aggravation and sentiment. My subconscious engram is redefined in such images. They are combined with themes of predicaments, dilemma, vulnerability, blessing, feasibility and longing. Abstract maternity clothing and reformed body symbolize expectation and trepidation of uncertainty: the core of the pre birth sentimental concern and expectation. In spite of her uneasy gesture, the figure of woman delivers an altered inspiration. Although similarly restricted movements look somewhat uncomfortable or irritating, they are preparing and waiting for a new being.

paper sculpture by yoonshin park
sound by chirstopher gilmore

check more info : paramnesia09.tumblr.com